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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Course Title Instructor Day/Time Location
ANTHRO 101-6-21 First Year Seminar:  Perspectives on Primates  Katie Amato
ANTHRO 101-6-22 First Year Seminar:  Mobile Papers Emrah Yildiz
ANTHRO 101-0-23 First Year Seminar:  How the Other 99% Live: Inequalities in American Cities Micaela di Leonardo 
ANTHRO 211-0-01 Culture & Society Diego Arispe_Bazan TTh  11-12:20PM
ANTHRO 211-0-61 Discussion Section T  8:30-9:20AM
ANTHRO 211-0-62 Discussion Section M  9-9:50AM
ANTHRO 211-0-63 Discussion Section W  9-9:50AM
ANTHRO 211-0-64 Discussion Section Th  8:30-9:20AM
ANTHRO 211-0-65 Discussion Section F  10-10:50AM
ANTHRO 211-0-66 Discussion Section F  9-9:50AM
ANTHRO 290-0-20 Topics in Anthropology:  Japanese Culture and Society Hiro Miyazaki
ANTHRO 290-0-20 Topics in Anthropology:  Beyond the Binary Ray Noll
ANTHRO 307-0-20 Anthropology of Peace Hiro Miyazaki
ANTHRO 309-0-20 Human Osteology  Erin Waxenbaum
ANTHRO 316-0-20 Forensic Anthropology Erin Waxenbaum
ANTHRO 327-0-20 Archaeological Survey Mark Hauser
ANTHRO 340-0-20 Visual Anthropology of Africa Adia Benton 
ANTHRO 343-0-20 Anthropology of Race Mark Hauser
ANTHRO 383-0-20 Environmental Anthropology Melissa Rosenzweig 
ANTHRO 390-0-21 Evolutionary Medicine Christopher Kuzawa
ANTHRO 390-0-22 Race in Latin America 

Diego Arispe-Bazan

ANTHRO 476-0-20 Globalization & Discontents Micaela di Leonardo
ANTHRO 490-0-21 Topics in Anthropology Cynthia Rivera
ANTHRO 490-0-22 Topics in Anthropology:  Ethnographic Writing  Adia Benton 
ANTHRO 496-0-20 Bridging Seminar

Mary Weismantel

Amanda Logan


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