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Graduate Program

Coursework in biological anthropology

PhD students focusing on biological anthropology must complete the graduate program’s core coursework, coursework in statistics, and the following courses:

In addition to these courses, graduate students are trained through hands-on research in the Laboratory for Human Biology Research or in the field.

Students can also concentrate on medical anthropology through our Graduate Program in Medical Anthropology.

Laboratory for Human Biology Research

We encourage graduate students to use the laboratory facilities to pursue their own research agendas in human biology.  Students use the Laboratory to conduct original research, analyze data, and prepare presentations and papers.  We provide training in a wide rang of human biology methods and work with students to develop new methods as needed.

Graduate students are a central part of the lab community, where regular meetings provide a forum for lab members to discuss laboratory methods, difficulties and results from ongoing research, future research proposals, and recent journal articles.

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