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2021 Honors Theses

Students graduating with Honors in Anthropology 

Myles Kobe Bowen

"Perpetual Violence And Livable Resistance: Historicizing Lousiana's Toxically Fertile "Cancer Alley"

Meghna Gaddam

"Homeless Menstruation: A Construction Of Embodied Experiences And A Breakdown Of Amplified Psychological And Structural Issues"

Annamarie Jedziniak

"A Case Study Of Maternal Health Policies Production Of A Positive Pregnancy Experience In Australia, New Zealand, And Ireland"

Shannon Lally

"Irish Language Revitalization In The Republic Of Ireland And Northern Ireland"

Allison Mo

"Traditional Chinese Medicine In Western Contexts: Translation, Trust, And Efficacy"

Sonali Patel

"Humanity In The Face Of Climate Change: The Past, Present, And Future"

Chloe Wong

"Radical Caring: A Qualitative Study On The Role Of Frontline Workers In Eradicating Gender-Based Violence In Asian American Communities"

Anna Yang

"Intersectional Traumas: Resilience And Mental Health In Post-Apartheid South Africa During The COVID-19 Pandemic"



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