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2013 News

From Anthropology to The Daily Show
Jena Friedman, a 2005 alumna of the Department of Anthropology, wrote her senior thesis on the role of gender, race, and class in the world of comedy. Her observation of classes at Chicago's ImprovOlypmic for that research ultimately lead her to a career in comedy, and she now serves as a field producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Anthropology Professor Jessica Winegar Speaks on Chicago Tonight
Professor Jessica Winegar, a specialist in class, gender and Islam in the Middle East and North Africa speaks about the unrest in Egypt and the demands to remove the president.

Anthropology is now on LinkedIn
Whether you are a student on campus or an Anthropology alumni major living abroad, you will be able to stay connected with Northwestern's Anthropology Department through LinkedIn. The site provides a place for current students, alumni, and friends of Anthropology forge relationships and connections.

Anthropology Major wins Circumnavigator Travel-Study Award
Congratulations to Catherine Althauson for winning a $9,000 Circumnavigator Travel-Study Award for summer 2013. Catherine (WCAS '14) used this award to circle the globe for 10 weeks. During this time, she explored the ways that museums in Australia, Israel, Peru, France and other nations treat human remains that are part of their collections.

Professor Jessica Winegar Speaks on NPR
Professor Winegar discusses "God and Government: Egypt Edition, Shariah Law, And More" on NPR's Interfaith Radio.

Bradley Phillippi Digs up Evidence of Slaves Working at the Thompson House
Northwestern doctoral candidate Bradley Phillippi helps lead an archaeological dig in order to uncover the history of slavery in Setauket. 

Two Anthropology Professors Published in Special Issue of American Ethnologist
Professor di Leonardo and Professor Shankar published in an issue of AE on "In/Visibility: Projects, Media, Politics".

Kristin Landau Receives Award from the Society for Applied Anthropology
Northwestern doctoral candidate Kristin Landau wins SfAA Tourism and Heritage Student Paper Competition with the paper “Exploring New Paths Toward Indigenous Identity Formation: Heritage Teaching among the Ch’orti’ Maya of Copan, Honduras.” which she co-wrote with doctoral candidate Fredy Rodriquez-Mejia (Michigan State University).