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Past Theses Submissions

All senior honors theses are listed below

2019 Theses

Jessica Collins 
"Costructing Successful Citizens:  The EU and Erasmus+ "

Aleksandra (Ola) Grabowski
"Decolonizing Digging? Critical Approaches for Contemporary Archaeologies"

Monica Hsu
"Competing Stressors: Social Support and Resiliency Among Women Athletes"

Brian Ingersoll
"Micromanaging Nature: Navigating Between Policy and Practice in Chicago Parks"

Julia Shenkman
"Redefining the Borders of Medical Tourism: Navigating Healthcare in an Evolving LocalKnowledge System"

Jennah Thompson-Vasquez
"The Allure of the Market: Navigating Indigeneity, Identity, and Inequality in the Bolivian Amazon"

Talia Waxman
"Processing Resilience: Teen Girls, Agency, and Transformative Research"

2018 Theses

Pedro Alvarado
“Uncovering “Forgotten” Identity: A New Understanding of Ethnic Identities in the Former Slave Village of Morne Patate, Dominica”

Maria Felier
“Variation of Sexual Dimorphism Due to Climatic Stress”

Lucia Procopio
“Curating Racism: Understanding Field Museum Physical Anthropology from 1893 to 1969”

Angelina Strohbach
“Reproducing Inequality: Disparities in “Mobile Health” and Pregnancy Care for Low-Income Women in Chicago”

Anna Tolley
“A Salty Survival:  An Exploration of Resilience and the Maya Marketplace”

Emma Zblewski
"Safe Enough? Constructing Accessible Spaces at the Intersection of Queer Identity and Trauma"

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