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Speaking, publishing, awards

Let the department know about your speaking engagements, new publications and awards. Fill out this form.



Purchase Orders can be issued to any vendor in the University database.  iBUY NU is an online marketplace consisting of Northwestern's preferred vendors.  Shoppers fill carts in iBUY and assign those carts to a Requester for processing.  Please email for purchasing from non-iBUY vendors.

New Vendors and Payees

New vendors, independent contractors, and reimbursed visitors must be added to the University vendor database before a payment can be issued. 

Employee Expense Reimbursements

Reimbursements: Basics

All reimbursement requests consist of two elements:

---original itemized receipts for goods &/or services

---backup documentation.  For conferences, a program or ID badge; for collaborative meetings, email correspondence; for general data collection (fieldwork) please describe in writing how, where, and when data was collected, and include whatever backup documentation you may have. 

Travel should be booked through Northwestern's Travel Agencies whenever possible.  Please consult with William Voltz or Nancy Hickey before booking with NU-Egencia or NU-Travel 100.

*Please submit all reimbursement requests in a single packet of printed documents, or as a set of scanned .pdf’s attached to a single email, to .  Specify the funding source for your request.  If a single trip spans a timeframe greater than one month, please submit requests monthly.

Grant Information