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Interdisciplinary Clusters

Anthropology graduate students, along with other students in Humanities and related fields, are encouraged to participate in the Interdisciplinary Cluster Initiative.

This program fosters connections with students and faculty in other programs with whom they might have natural intellectual affinities. Clusters offer their own discrete courses and sponsor a number of activities and events for students and faculty. Some are also certificate programs. 

Current interdisciplinary clusters

The Graduate School’s Humanities and Non-Qualitative Social Science Cluster webpage provides more information about the intellectual activities of these programs.

Participate with a Cluster

Prospective students can select the desired cluster on their graduate school application. At this time, applicants can also attach an optional cluster statement, which will be used to determine if he or she is a particularly good fit for the cluster and a suitable candidate for a Mellon Interdisciplinary Cluster Fellowship.

Note that choosing a cluster is not a requirement for admission, and students can affiliate with a cluster at any point during their study.