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Maria Luisa Savo Sardaro

Research Associate

PhD, Tuscia University


Maria Luisa is interested in studies related to the influence of fermented and non-fermented foods on gut microbiota composition and evolution with the correlation to human health outcomes. After her Ph.D. in Genetics from Tuscia University (Italy), Maria Luisa started her Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Parma University. She worked on the development of molecular biology and microbiological techniques for pathogens and fermentative bacteria identification to promote the diffusion of fermented products with probiotics and prebiotics properties. She is also an assistant professor in Food Microbiology at San Raffaele University in Rome.

Selected Publications:

Obrochta S, Savo Sardaro ML, Amato KR and Murray MH. 2022. Relationships Between Migration and Microbiome Composition and Diversity in Urban Canada Geese. Front. Ecol. Evol. 10:742369.  

Amato KRMallott EK, D’Almeida Maia P, and Savo Sardaro ML. 2021. Predigestions as an Evolutionary Impetus for Human Use of Fermented Food. Current Anthropology 62:S24. S207-S219.

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Bancalari E, D'Incecco P, Savo Sardaro ML, Neviani E, Pellegrino L, Gatti M. 2019.
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