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Spring 2024 Class Schedule

Schedule subject to change

 *Starred courses required of all majors 

Course Title Instructor Day/Time Location
101-8-1 First-Year Writing Seminar Elizabeth Smith TBD TBD
101-8-2 First-Year Writing Seminar: DNA and Society Chris Kuzawa TBD TBD
101-8-3 First-Year Writing Seminar: Queer Worldbuilding Jennifer Lupu TBD TBD
213-0-1 Human Origins Erin Waxenbaum TBD TBD
221-0-1 Social and Health Inequalities Thomas McDade TBD TBD
235-0-1 // ASIAN_AM 235 Language in Asian America Shalini Shankar TBD TBD
240-0-1 Anthropology of Money Hiro Miyazaki TBD TBD
242-0-1 // MENA 290 Porous Borders? Geography, Power and Techniques of Movement Emrah Yildiz TBD TBD
315-0-1 Medical Anthropology Rebecca Seligman TBD TBD
360-0-1 Language & Culture Katherine Hoffman TBD TBD
383-0-1 Environmental Anthropology Melissa Rosenzweig TBD TBD
389-0-1 Ethnographic Methods and Analysis Mary Weismantel TBD TBD
390-0-24 Before the Binary: Archaeologies of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Zachary Nissen TBD TBD
390-0-25 Archaeology of Drugs Jennifer Lupu TBD TBD
390-0-26 Madness and Media Rebecca Seligman TBD TBD
390-0-27 Anthropology of Education Doris Warriner TBD TBD
390-0-34 Museums & Responsibility Kathleen Berzock TBD TBD
390-0-35 Settler Colonialism Megan Baker TBD TBD
475-0-1 Seminar in Contemporary Theory Hiro Miyazaki TBD TBD
490-0-1 Primate Diversity Katherine Amato TBD TBD
490-0-2 Ethnography in the Archives Katherine Hoffman TBD TBD
490-0-3 Archaeology of Buildings Matthew Johnson TBD TBD
490-0-4 Ethnographic and Applied Research Issues Dorris Warriner TBD TBD
519-0-1 Responsible Conduct of Research Training TBD TBD TBD