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Fall 2017 Class Schedule

ANTH 101-6-21First Year Seminar: Making the Fittest: Issues in EvolutionErin WaxenbaumMW  11:00am-12:20pmRm 104
ANTH 101-6-22First Year Seminar: Fantastic Archaeology: Science & PseudoscienceMark HauserMW  11:00am-12:20pmRm B07
ANTH 214-0-01*Archaeology: Unearthing HistoryMatthew JohnsonTTh  3:30-4:50pmHarris Hall 107
ANTH 214-0-61Discussion SectionHafsa OubouM  9:00-10:00amRm B07
ANTH 214-0-62Discussion SectionHafsa OubouTu  9:00-10:00amRm 104
ANTH 214-0-63Discussion SectionKacey GrauerW  9:00-10:00amRm B07
ANTH 214-0-64Discussion SectionKacey GrauerTh  9:00-10:00amRm 104
ANTH 214-0-66Discussion SectionZachary NissenF  10:00-11:00amRm 104
ANTH 255-0-1Contemporary African WorldsAdia BentonMW  12:30-1:50pmSwift Hall 107
ANTH 255-0-61Discussion SectionRita Dela KumaM  9:00-10:00amRm 104
ANTH 255-0-62Discussion SectionRita Dela KumaF  9:00-10:00amRm 104
ANTH 306-0-1Evolution of Life HistoriesKatherine AmatoMW  12:30-1:50pmRm B07
ANTH 309-0-1Human OsteologyErin WaxenbaumF  9:00-11:30amRM A58
ANTH 315-0-1Medical AnthropologyRebecca SeligmanTTh  12:30-1:50pmRm 104
ANTH 322-0-1Introduction to Archaeology Research Design and MethodsMark HauserW  2:00-5:00pmRM B07
ANTH 334-0-1Anthropology of HIV-AIDSAdia Benton/ Alan ArmstrongMWF  11:00-11:50amAnnenberg Hall G15
ANTH 370-0-20*Anthropology in Historical PerspectiveRobert LaunayTTh  10:00-11:00amRm 104
ANTH 370-0-61Discussion SectionForoogh FarhangTu  9:00-10:00amRm B07
ANTH 370-0-62Discussion SectionStephen SullivanW  9:00-10:00amRm 104
ANTH 378-0-1Law and CultureKatherine HoffmanTTh  11:00am-12:20pmRm 104
ANTH 389-0-1Ethnographic Methods and AnalysisCaroline BledsoeT  5:00-8:00pmRM 104
ANTH 390-0-21Primate Behavior & EcologyKatherine AmatoMWF  10:00-10:50amRM 104
ANTH 390-0-23Shady Business: Informal Economies in Contemporary CapitalismEmrah YildizMW  2:00-3:20pmKresge Hall 4-531
ANTH 390-0-24Methods in Anthro/Global HealthSera YoungW  3:00-5:50pmRm 104
ANTH 390-0-25Learning to Listen: An Introduction to Oral HistoryLeyla NeyziTTh  12:30-1:50pmRm B07
ANTH 390-0-26Children in Motion: The Social Dynamics of Children Living Away from Families of OriginCaroline BledsoeM  6:00-9:00pmRm 104
ANTH 390-0-27Queer RoboticsMitali ThakorTTh  2:00-3:20pmPKS 224
ANTH 390-0-29Pop Culture in Latin AmericaNeil HaynesM  2:00-5:00pmRm B07
ANTH 390-0-30Introduction to Cultural Resource Management and Environmental Policy with ENVR_POL 390-0-24Ed Suzukovich IIIMW  2:00-3:20pmLOCY 314
ANTH 401-1-1Logic of Inquiry in AnthropologyWilliam LeonardTh  2-5Rm 104
ANTH 475-0-1Seminar in Contemporary TheoryRobert LaunayW  2:30-5:30Rm B07
ANTH 484-0-1Seminar in Ling Anth: Law and LanguageKatherine HoffmanT  2-5Rm A56
ANTH 490-0-22Integrative Seminar in Society, Biology, and HealthThomas McDadeW  12-3Rm 104
ANTH 490-0-23Migrant Sexualities and Queer Travelers: Translocations co-list with GNDR_ST 490-0- 22Emrah YildizW  6-9