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Spring 2018 Class Schedule

ANTH 101-6-21First Year Seminar: Natives Beyond NationsNell HaynesMW  9:30-10:50am1810 Hinman B07
ANTH 101-6-22First Year Seminar: An Anthropology of Westeros: Theorizing a Game of ThronesRyan LashTTh  9:30-10:50amHarris Hall L04
ANTH 211-0-1*Culture and SocietyElizabeth SmithTTh  11:00am-12:20pmSwift Hall 107
ANTH 211-0-69Discussion SectionW  8:30-9:20am1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 211-0-71Discussion SectionTh  9:00-9:50am1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 211-0-70Discussion SectionM  8:30-9:20am1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 211-0-73Discussion SectionF  9:00-9:50am1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 211-0-68Discussion SectionTu  9:00-9:50am1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 270-0-1Anthropology of Social MediaNell HaynesMW  12:30-1:50pmAnnenberg Hall G32
ANTH 309-0-1Human OsteologyErin WaxenbaumF  9:00-11:30am1810 Hinman A58
ANTH 312-0-1Human Population BiologyAaron MillerTTh  11:00am-12:20pm1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 314-0-1Human Growth and DevelopmentErin WaxenbaumMW  9:30-10:50am1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 330-0-1Peoples of the World: Ethnography of N. Africa with MENA 390-3-20Katherine HoffmanTTh  11:00-12:20pm1810 Hinman B07
ANTH 361-0-1Talks as Social ActionKatherine HoffmanTu  2:00-4:50pm1810 Hinman A56
ANTH 390-0-21Power and the Public Sphere in America: Inequality, Information, Activism - Cancelled Micaela di LeonardoTh  5:00-7:50pm1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 390-0-22Archaeology of Food and DrinkAmanda LoganTTh  12:30-1:50pm1810 Hinman B07
ANTH 390-0-25Sex & Surveillance with GNDR_ST 353-0-20Mitali ThakorTTh  9:30-10:50amAnnenberg Hall G32
ANTH 390-0-26Ancient Health and Migration: Shaping Patterns of Global Diversity Today combined with ANTHRO 490-0-24Elizabeth MallottMW  11:00-12:20pm1810 Hinman B07
ANTH 390-0-27Native American Health with GBL_HLTH 390-0-21Beatriz ReyesTTh  12:30-1:50pm555 Clark B03
ANTH 390-0-28Islam in Asia with ASIAN_ST 390-3-20 & RELIGION 359-0-20Stefan HenningTTh  9:30-10:50am1810 Hinman B07
ANTH 390-0-29Dietary Decolonization with HUM 370-5-20 & AMER_ST 310-0-22Hi'ilei HobartTTh  9:30-10:50amUniversity Hall 112
ANTH 390-0-30Introduction to Cultural Resource Management and Environmental Policy with ENVR_POL 390-0-24Eli S Suzukovich III MW  11-12:20pmTech M128
ANTH 485-0-1Seminar in Mind, Body and HealthRebecca SeligmanTh  12:30-3:20pm1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 490-0-21Political Economy, Race, and Gender: Intellectual History and Contemporary Research with GNDR_ST 490-0-20Micaela di LeonardoTu  2:00-4:50pm1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 490-0-22Engendering ArchaeologyCynthia RobinW  1:00-3:30pm1810 Hinman 104
ANTH 490-0-23Biocultural Perspectives on Water Insecurity with GBL_HLTH 390-0-22Sera YoungTu  2:00-4:50pm1810 Hinman B07
ANTH 490-0-24Ancient Health and Migration: Shaping Patterns of Global Diversity Today combined with ANTHRO 390-0-26Elizabeth MallottMW  11:00-12:20pm1810 Hinman B07