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Fall 2019 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-21First Year Seminar: Tourism of Trauma CANCELLED Elizabeth SmithTTh  2-3:20PMHarris Hall L05
ANTHRO 101-6-22First Year Seminar: Biological Thought & Action (also BIOL_SCI 115-6-20)William Leonard, Michele McDonoughTTh  4-5:20PMAnnenberg Hall G01
ANTHRO 101-6-23First-Year Seminar: Come to Your Senses: The Anthropology of Sensory PerceptionMatilda StubbsMW  2-3:20 PMAllison Res Comm 1021
ANTHRO 214-0-01*Archaeology: Unearthing HistoryMatthew Johnson, Melissa RosenzweigTTh  11-12:20PMAnnenberg Hall G21
ANTHRO 214-0-61Discussion SectionSarah Breiter M  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-62Discussion SectionSarah Breiter M  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-63Discussion SectionEmily Schwalbe T  8:30-9:20AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-64Discussion SectionSohie ReillyW  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-65Discussion SectionSohie ReillyW  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-66Discussion Section CANCELLED StaffTH  8:30-9:20AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-67Discussion Section CANCELLED StaffF  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 214-0-68Discussion SectionEmily Schwalbe F  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 307-0-20Anthropology of PeaceHirokazu MiyazakiTTh  11-12:20PMHarris Hall L05
ANTHRO 309-0-20Human OsteologyErin WaxenbaumF  9-11:30AM1810 Hinman A58
ANTHRO 318-0-20Material Worlds of the Middle AgesMatthew JohnsonTTh  2-3:20PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 322-0-20Introduction to Archaeology Research Design & MethodsAmanda LoganF  12-2:30PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 325-0-20Archaeological Methods LaboratoryAmanda LoganW  2-4:30PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 332-0-20The Anthropology of RepoductionCaroline BledsoeM  6-8:50PMParkes Hall 215
ANTHRO 370-0-20*Anthropology in Historical PerspectiveRobert LaunayTTh  9:30-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 390-0-21Evolutionary MedicineChristopher KuzawaTTh  12:30-1:50PMParkes Hall 224
ANTHRO 390-0-22Reproductive Ecology CANCELLED Aaron MillerMW  12:30-1:50PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 390-0-23Methods in Anthropology (also GBL_HLTH 390-0-20)Sera YoungTTh  2-3:20PMKresge Hall 2-420
ANTHRO 390-0-24Political Ecology (also ENVR_POLY 390-0-1)Melissa RosenzweigMW  11-12:20PMAnnenberg Hall G01
ANTHRO 390-0-26Border Struggles: Children and Families on Trial CANCELLED Caroline BledsoeT  6-8:50PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 401-3-20Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology (Cultural)Hirokazu MiyazakiW  3-5:50PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 430-0-20Integrative Seminar in Society, Biology, HealthThomas McDadeW  12-3PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 475-0-20Seminar in Contemporary TheoryRobert LaunayTh  3-5:50PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 485-0-20Seminar in Mind, Body, and HealthRebecca SeligmanT  12:30-3:20PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 490-0-20MaterialitiesMary WeismantelM  6-8:50PM1810 Hinman 104