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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-21First Year Seminar: Anthropology of Time Caroline BledsoeTTh  2-3:20PMUniversity Hall 218
ANTHRO 213-0-01*Human OriginsErin WaxembaumMWF  12-12:50PMHarris Hall 107
ANTHRO 213-0-61Discussion SectionEmily SchwalbeM  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-62Discussion SectionEmily SchwalbeM  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-63Discussion SectionMargaret ButlerT  8:30-9:20AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-64Discussion SectionAaron SchoenfeldtW  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-65Discussion SectionAaron SchoenfeldtW  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-66Discussion SectionMargaret ButlerTh  8:30-9:20AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-67Discussion SectionHaley RagsdaleF  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 213-0-68Discussion SectionHaley RagsdaleF  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 215-0-01*The Study of Culture through LanguageKatherine HoffmanTTh  11-12:20PMKresge Hall 2-380
ANTHRO 215-0-61Discussion SectionIdil OzkanM  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 215-0-62Discussion SectionIdil OzkanM  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 215-0-63Discussion SectionAustin BryanT  9-9:50AM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 215-0-64Discussion SectionAustin BryanT  10-10:50AM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 315-0-20Medical AnthropologyRebecca SeligmanTTh  12:30-1:50PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 316-0-20Forensic AnthropologyErin WaxembaumTTh  9:30-10:50AM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 319-0-20Material Life & Culture in Europe, 1500-1800Matthew JohnsonTTh   11-12:20PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 386-0-20Lab Methods in Human Biology ResearchAaron MillerWF  9:30-10:50AM1810 Hinman A58
ANTHRO 389-0-20Ethnographic Methods and AnalysisMatilda StubbsM  2-4:50PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 390-0-20Anthropology of Money Hiro MiyazakiTTh   12:30-1:50PMHarris Hall L06
ANTHRO 390-0-22Archaeology of Food & DrinkAmanda LoganTTh   12:30-1:50PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 390-0-23Primate EcologyKatherine Amato TTh   11-12:20PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 390-0-24Fire and Blood: Resources, Energy, and Society (also HUM 370-3-20 and ENVR_POL 390-0-20)Zeynep Oguz MW  2-3:20PMLocy Hall 305
ANTHRO 390-0-26Hope and Futurity (also ANTHRO 490-0-26)Hiro MiyazakiW  2-4:50PMUniversity Hall 412
ANTHRO 398-0-20Senior Seminar Ana AparicioF  2-4PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 484-0-20Language Ideologies: Text and Talk Katherine HoffmanT  2-4:30PM1810 Hinman A56
ANTHRO 490-0-21Primate Diversity: Foundations for Understanding Katherine AmatoT  1:30-4PM1810 Hinman A58
ANTHRO 490-0-22Current Developments and Debates in Human BiologyChristopher KuzawaW  2-4:30PM1810 Hinman A58
ANTHRO 490-0-23Ethnographic Methods Caroline Bledsoe M  6-8:50PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 490-0-24Archaeology of Buildings Matthew JohnsonT  2-4:50PM1810 Hinman 104
ANTHRO 490-0-26Hope and Futurity (also ANTHRO 390-0-26)Hiro Miyazaki W  2-4:50PMUniversity Hall 412
ANTHRO 490-0-27Anthropology of FoodAmanda LoganW  2-4:30PM1810 Hinman B07
ANTHRO 490-0-28Global Indigenous Histories (also HISTORY 405-0-28)Doug Kiel Th  9-11:50AMKresge Hall 2-440