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Fall 2018 Class Schedule

ANTHRO 101-6-21First-Year Seminar: Making of the Fittest: Issues in EvolutionErin WaxenbaumMW  11-1220pm1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 101-6-22First-Year Seminar: Fantastic Archaeology: Science & PseudoscienceMark HauserTTh  11-1220pm1810 Hinman Rm B07
ANTHRO 101-6-23First-Year Seminar: Tourism of Trauma Elizabeth SmithTTh  1-220pmAnnenberg Hall G31
ANTHRO 101-6-24First-Year Seminar: Biological Thought and Action WITH BIOL_SCI 115-6-20WIlliam Leonard TTh   4-520pmTech Institute L160
ANTHRO 214-0-01*Archaeology: Unearthing HistoryMatthew JohnsonTTh  11-1220pmAnnenberg Hall G21
ANTHRO 214-0-61Discussion SectionSeyma KabaogluM  9-950am1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 214-0-62Discussion SectionDaniela RaillardTu  9-950am1810 Hinman Rm B07
ANTHRO 214-0-63Discussion Section(Rita) Dela KumaW  9-950am1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 214-0-64Discussion SectionDaniela RaillardTh  9-950am1810 Hinman Rm B07
ANTHRO 214-0-65Discussion SectionSarah BreiterF  9-950am1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 214-0-66Discussion SectionSarah BreiterF  10-1050am1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 309-0-1Human OsteologyErin WaxenbaumF  9-1130am1810 Hinman Rm A58
ANTHRO 320-0-1Peoples of AfricaCaroline BledsoeW  6-9pmParkes Hall 223
ANTHRO 332-0-1The Anthropology of Reproduction WITH GNDR_ST 332-0-20Caroline BledsoeM  6-850pmParkes Hall 223
ANTHRO 365-0-1Language, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States WITH ASIAN_AM 365-0-1 and ANTHRO 490-0-22Shalini ShankarT  5-750pmCrowe 1-132
ANTHRO 368-0-1Latino & Latina Ethnography - Cancelled Ana AparicioT  2-450pmHarris Hall L28
ANTHRO 370-0-20*Anthropology in Historical PerspectiveRobert LaunayTTh  930-1050am1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 390-0-21Anthropology of Human Rights WITH Legal_St 376-0-20Katherine HoffmanTTh  11-1220pm1810 Hinman Rm A56
ANTHRO 390-0-22Evolutionary MedicineChristopher KuzawaTTh  1230-150pm1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 390-0-23Methods in Anthropology/Global Health with GBL_HLTH 390-0-22Sera YoungTTh  2-330pm Parkes Hall 215; 330-450pm Technological Institute MG51Parkes & Tech
ANTHRO 390-0-24Political Ecology with ENVR_POL 390-0-22Melissa RosenzweigMW  11-1220pmFisk Hall 114
ANTHRO 401-4-1The Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology (Ling)Katherine HoffmanT  2-450pm1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 470-0-1History of Anthropological TheoryRobert LaunayWTh  230-350pm1810 Hinman Rm 104
ANTHRO 486-0-1Evolution and Biological AnthropologyChristopher KuzawaW  1230-3pm1810 Hinman Rm A58
ANTHRO 490-0-21Global Life of ThingsMark HauserTh  2-450pm1810 Hinman Rm B07
ANTHRO 490-0-22Language, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States WITH ASIAN_AM 365-0-1 and ANTHRO 365-0-1Shalini ShankarT  5-750pmCrowe 1-132